What’s New?
Coming soon! A daily devotional guide will be available for your use to keep your faith fresh in the
Lord each day of the year and a compact disc broadcast of "
A Woman's Journey" volume 1.  

Watch for updates!

Highlights of Hannah II Enterprises, LLC
Operates company based on Christian principles: integrity, diligence, and commitment.
Resource information to human services agencies. Coming Soon!
Associate opportunities.
Brief Company Overview
Hannah II Enterprises, LLC is an innovative human resources consulting firm servicing a variety of
satisfied clients from small businesses, faith-based organizations, human services agencies and
A Little About What We Can Do For You
Hannah II Enterprises, LLC will match skills/expertise to the goals of clients.  If we don't fit your
needs, we could refer you to an Associate Consultant that may better suit your plans.  

Hannah II Enterprises, LLC will conduct an analysis of goal(s), advise client of realistic course of
action, and outcomes, a time line, progress reports and follow up consultation.